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s in all activities, the AZIMUTHPRECISION® team travels to discover throughout Portugal our most exciting areas with the aim of taking adventure lovers a mix of the most beautiful natural landscapes with the exciting History of our country …


Sta. Luzia Dam


The Santa Luzia Dam is located in Beira Litoral, in the municipality of Pampilhosa da Serra, near the small town of Casal da Lapa. It was built on the bed of the river Unhais that is born 8km further north in the Means at the foot of the “Onion Peak” over a narrow quartzite throat and has hydroelectric power. It was inaugurated in 1942, taking eleven years to be built. In 1931 it began to be built, in 1934 the dam was surveyed, which ended in March 1935. It is 76 meters high and has a crowning length of 115 m

The catchment area of Santa Luzia is 50 km2 and receives water from the Alto Ceira dam, channeled through a 6,945 meter long bypass tunnel. The works of the Dam ended in 1942 with the closing of the floodgates in November of that year, by Companhia Eléctrica das Beiras. The hydroelectric plant is set up in a building outside the dam and has 4 generator sets totaling 32 MW, producing a normal year of 55 GWh.

The name given to the dam came from the Ermida de Santa Luzia in the cliffs, on the edge of the parishes of Vidual and Cabril. This small chapel was erected in 1930, by the private Francisco Pedro Simões, native of the Malhada of the King, in fulfillment of a promise.

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Our adventurecartaz1


“Traveling in adventure” is the new concept of activity AZIMUTHPRECISION®, where all food and sleeping logistics is the responsibility of the participant

Our focus is adventure … “Traveling in adventure”, line up?

This adventure unfolds between Na Barragem de Santa Luzia, near shale villages very well known in Portugal.

Stunning landscapes divided between countryside, mountain and river, this adventure is listed as easy / difficult.

It is a via ferrata not too big but that requires a bit of the adventurer’s physique.

  • Includes:
    – Personal Accident Insurance
    – Activity
    – Technical materials
    – Monitors with technical climbing and rescue training
    – Coordinator with training of first aid
  • Objectives:
    – Self esteem
    – Reflection
    – Group Spirit
    – Getting to know Portugal
    Difficulty of via ferrata:
    5 from 1 to 7
    May 11
    Via ferrata and walk
    Sta Luzia Dam (Pampilhosa da Serra)
    Minimum age:
    12 years (accompanied by parents)
    Group limit:
    10 participants
    Video from Via Ferrata: See